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Based in Lisbon, HCCM Consulting, SA has stood out since 1995 for its experience in the banking, insurance, public services, energy, retail, telecommunications and industry sectors, both nationally and internationally. 

HCCM is a multinational company, since July 2021 it is part of the Aman Group, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Grupo Aman has stood out since 1973 for its competence in the areas of information technologies and is made up of more than 2,500 employees. Its offer of products and services in the IT industry is wide, of which we highlight the development of software and applications, implementation and development of projects in Salesforce, Cybersecurity, business management solutions, knowledge management, Business Analytics and professional services. 


NetPeople is born.
Main business: Web development.


NetPeople changes shareholders.
Main Business: Professional business resources.


HCCM investments is constituted.
Acquires NetPeople from Glintt and changes its name to NewOutsourcing Company.


HCCM invests in Green Avenue
Main Business: Consulting.
SAP and OutSystems project company.


Incorporation by merger of Green Avenue Consulting with NewOutsourcing Company, changing the brand to HCCM Consulting.


Part of Aman Group one of the 5 leading IT companies in Israel.


Natalia Pirtac
Marketing Manager
Sofia Fernandes
Business Manager
Teresa Laranjeira
Finance Manager
Bernardo Ricca
Director Enterprise Applications Area

Our Partners

Help our clients overcome their challenges and achieve their business goals.

Our mission is to be a leader of excellence in business and technology support services for our customers and to achieve this, in addition to our specialized consultants, we have a portfolio of partnerships with key technologies that allow us to have effective and appropriate solutions to your business needs. 



HCCM is accredited by the National Security Authority, with the NATO SECRET degree. This accreditation demonstrates HCCM's commitment to the pursuit of levels of excellence, in the quality of the services provided and allows for the expansion of the offer of products and services to national and international public tenders. 

ISO 9001

HCCM is certified by the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, within the scope of: Provision of consulting, auditing and training services in the area of technologies, marketed in the form of a service, project or product. The QMS aims to reduce time and costs, improve the organization's efficiency and the relationship/transparency with employees, customers and partners. 

Tech Visa

HCCM obtained the approval of the application for the Tech Visa certification by IAPMEI. Tech Visa is a certification program for companies in the areas of technology and innovation, and aims to attract and facilitate the hiring of highly qualified professionals from outside the European Union to work in Portugal. 

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