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Welcome to HCCM Consulting
The Portuguese technology consultancy with more than
25 years of experience, organized into 3 business lines.
New Partner - SecurityBridge
HCCM Consulting launches cybersecurity and governance solution with SecurityBridge
HCCM Consulting has been part of the Aman Group since 2021
Present in nine countries - Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Poland, Serbia, Kazakhstan and Portugal, the Aman Group has 2,500 employees worldwide.
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HCCM has more than 120 resources and is organized into 3 business lines:


Microsoft & OutSystems

Enterprise Applications


Professional Services & Nearshoring

People & Projects


HCCM applies practices focused on software development and services with the nr. 1 Low-Code technology on the market, OutSystems, and Leading Microsoft-oriented ecosystem.

Enterprise Applications

Company´s Enterprise Applications offer comprises SAP Implementation and Technology projects including, Configuration, Development, Tests, Training and Application Management.

Professional Services & Nearshoring

HCCM has a team of consultants with competences and skills in different business and technological areas.

Our Values


We always want to give our best and be better every day. We aim to be a good company to work for and to be a leader of excellence for our customers.


We are the reflection of our people's competence, quality and dedication, which allow us to give the best and most adequate response to each opportunity.


We value and respect each individual and entity. We promote an environment of trust, inclusive and diverse that we all can relate.

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