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My Cyber

Solution developed by HCCM Consulting

What is My Cyber?

My Cyber is a solution developed by HCCM Consulting on OutSystems technology to support the operation and maintenance of compliance with Decree Law 65/2021, which regulates the Legal Regime of Cyberspace Security and defines the obligations on cybersecurity certification in implementation of Regulation (EU) 2019/881 of the European Parliament, April 17, 2019.


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What is the importance of Decree-Law No. 65/2021?

Decree-Law N.º65/2021, approved by the Council of Ministers, responds to the need to establish rules on security requirements for networks and information systems directly connected to the internet and for incident reporting, provided for in Law N.º46/2028.

Decree-Law n.º65/2021,has as scope of applicability the Public Administration, operators of critical infrastructures, operators of essential services and digital service providers, foreseen in sub-paragraphs a) to d) of paragraph 1 of article 2 of the Legal Framework for Cyberspace Security (Law n.º 46/2018).

Requirements of Decree-Law No. 65/2021

  • Identify and inform the CNCS of the Permanent Point of Contact
  • Identify and communicate to the CNCS the Security Officer
  • Inventory all essential assets and communicate the list of assets to the CNCS
  • Perform a Risk Analysis of the assets that ensure the continuity of the operation of networks and information systems and the provision of services
  • Elaborate and keep updated a Security Plan
  • Notify the CNCS of all incidents with relevant or substantial impact
  • Prepare an annual report with a description of the activities carried out, information and statistics on incidents and recommendations for improvement.

The solution's functionalities are vast and we highlight the possibility of drawing up security and risk assessment reports on information security, inventorying security processes, recording policies, organizational procedures, security incidents and training and awareness actions, and finally, the coordination of the daily work of an ISR (Information Security Officer) or other user appointed for this purpose.

My Cyber Features:

Data Mapping
  • Inventorying of information security processes
  • Asset Repository and its characterization
  • List of planned and implemented Security Measures
Risk Surveys
  • Security assessment reports by default and by design
  • Third-party risk management
  • Asset risk management
Third Party Evaluation
  • Security assessment for suppliers through a configurable model
  • Email distribution lists
  • User Management
  • Registration of internal/external information security audits
  • Tests and Simulations carried out within the scope of Security
  • List and details of training and security awareness actions
  • Repository of policies and procedures of the organization
  • Templates (Assessments, Audits, etc.)
  • Information Security Responsible
  • Permanent Contact Points
Data Breach
  • Record of security incidents, according to the CNCS format
  • Help desk event registration
  • KPIs Dashboard
  • Security officer plan
  • Annual report for CNCS
  • Frequently asked questions list (FAQ)
  • Clarification requests
  • List of applicable laws

What is the OutSystems technology?

OutSystems is a low-code development platform that provides tools for companies to develop, deploy and manage enterprise applications. Named as the market leader in low-code platforms, it is an increasingly sought-after term in the digital world. It was created in 2001 by Paulo Rosado and is one of the 7 Portuguese unicorns.

About HCCM Consulting

Headquartered in Lisbon, HCCM Consulting, SA stands out since 1995 for its experience in the sectors of banking, insurance, utilities, energy, retail, telecommunications and industry, both nationally and internationally.

It counts with more than 120 resources and is organized in 3 business lines

  • Development - OutSystems & Microsoft
  • Enterprise Applications - SAP
  • Professional Services & Nearshoring

HCCM is a multinational company, since July 2021, part of the Aman Group, headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Website: www.hccm.pt

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