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Professional Services
Senior Front End Developer (m/f)
Reino Unido
Work Regime
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About You

We are looking for someone who has knowledge in English, both written and spoken. A person who is motivated, responsible and trustworthy. You should be pro-active and a team player, able to adapt to different environments and situations. We expect that you have good communication and organizational skills and also have a problem-solving attitude. 

We want someone who is passionate and is driven to achieve quality results. 

What We Offer

Working with us, you will have the opportunity to integrate a multinational company. 

This company has a multicultural team with a pleasant and inspiring working atmosphere. 

You will be able to work on our offices, remotely or in a hybrid model. We are located in center of Lisbon and Porto and we have an open office space that facilitates and encourages collaboration in a team-oriented corporate culture. 

Here you will be able to grow professionally, to work with different technologies and motivated teams. 

Professional Skills for the Roll
  • Bachelor or Master degree on Finances, Economics or Engineering

  • More than 5 years of experience in front-end development

  • Advanced web development skill with Angular4+, building complex applications and components

  • Deep understanding of Typescript, JavaScript, ES6

  • Experience with reactive programming (RxJS)

  • Good experience with Web design styling using HTML, CSS and CSS Pre-processors (SASS, LESS, etc.)

  • Some experience with state management libraries (Redux, Ngrx, etc)

  • Automated testing experience with Jasmine/Karma

  • Agile development/Software life cycle

  • Fluency in English