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OutSystems Tech Lead (m/f)
Work Regime
Time Zone
About You

We're looking for someone who knows English, who is motivated, responsible and reliable.

You must be proactive and know how to work as part of a team, and be able to adapt to different environments and situations. 

We are looking for someone with good communication and organizational skills, who is passionate and motivated to achieve quality results.

What We Offer

Working with us, you will have the opportunity to join a multinational company.

Our company has a multicultural team with a pleasant and inspiring working environment.

We are located in the center of Lisbon and Porto.

Here you can grow professionally, work with different technologies and motivated teams.

Professional Skills for the Roll
  • Minimum 2 years of experience as an OutSystems Tech Lead

  • Experience in performing unit and integration tests on software modules and ensuring their correct functioning

  • Experience in developing new applications at the Project level

  • Fluency in English